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Hello! My name is Dr. Beth Krakow and I am a licensed psychologist practicing in the greater Decatur area. We’re living in fill in the blank (interesting? strange? unsafe? infuriating? etc.,) times right now. Many of us experience a feeling of overwhelm, discouragement, confusion, and anger regularly and with good reason – there is a lot to contend with these days. Navigating the world as a woman brings additional challenges that can get in the way of individual growth and life satisfaction. For example, there may be messages we have taken in and internalized without even realizing it and these can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, being “stuck” or frustrated. I have a special interest in assisting with these issues as they relate to women’s mental health. 

In my work with clients, I strive to support individuals to feel more connected with themselves and in their lives. I believe self-awareness and healthy human connection is the foundation of mental wellness – we need social/emotional interactions in relationships with others to grow and lead meaningful lives. At times, these same relationships can be difficult and unsatisfying. In my practice, I assist clients in examining how to navigate relationships to tip the balance toward healthy interactions. Part of what leads to healthy relationships is awareness around our internal thoughts and feelings and how those influence our choices and behavior. Among other things, I encourage my clients to examine what their inner thoughts and feelings are (and are not), how the outside world (both in reality and virtually) influences us and plays a role in our functioning, and the interaction of these. 

Providing a warm, nonjudgmental environment that fosters connection is paramount to me. My approach with clients is one in which I remain curious and open. I don’t believe individuals who come to therapy have something wrong with them and need to be fixed. Rather, things have happened to all of us which shapes us in adaptive and maladaptive ways. Additionally, our identities are unique and I take this into account with each client. Understanding intersectionality, how various parts of identity interact and overlap, can be critically important to treatment success. 

While all stages of life can pose challenges, I have a special interest in young adulthood (college age) and parenthood. Both are often described as “the best years of your life,” but they can also be filled with multiple challenges and feelings of anxiety and depression, identity confusion/exploration and interpersonal concerns. As a parent myself, I can relate to the overwhelming experience we are tasked with each day in raising our families. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to parenting (or anything else for that matter!). But there are some approaches that work better than others. And, how we were parented when we were children matters! Working to understand these interactions and how to best connect with our kids in specific ways can make all the difference in strengthening the parent-child relationship and ultimately the home environment. 

 There are so many places where we need to put on a “brave” or “smiling” face (e.g., social media portrayals of only our best lives) but the therapy space shouldn’t be one of them. I seek to build relationships with clients that are genuine and encourage safely diving into deep issues. I am not a formal person and love to laugh and problem solve with clients. I believe having “someone in your corner” makes all the difference when times are difficult, that being seen is necessary to every human being and that social and emotional connection is vital not just for survival but to thrive. Much of my approach to treatment is cognitive behavioral in nature. I also incorporate mindfulness and other evidence-based therapies in my work with clients. 

When I’m “off the clock”…

  • I’m walking my dog and listening to podcasts. I’m obsessed with my dog and these podcasts currently: We Can Do Hard Things, Raising Good Humans, Revisionist History, Finding Our Way, the Daily & Fresh Air. 

  • I’m dreaming up the next place I want to travel to. Also, I have enjoyed immensely living in different cities and states in my earlier years of adulthood and hope one day to experience living in another state or country.

  • I’m changing the décor in my home. I had a small design business during the pandemic and occasionally still do small projects.

  • I’m volunteering. I am passionate about social justice work. Currently, I am a board member at Furnish with Love, a non-profit org that gifts design and home furnishings to families that have experienced homelessness and are moving from unstable to stable housing.

Education History and Certificate Training


​Graduate Education

University of Miami, Ph.D

University of Texas at Austin, M.A.


Undergraduate Education

The George Washington University, B.A.


Doctoral Internship

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University


Services offered include:

Types of Therapy

·       Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

·       Culturally Sensitive

·       Eclectic

·       Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

·       Exposure Response Prevention

·       Mindfulness-Based (MBCT)

·       Person-Centered

·       Solution Focused Brief (SFBT)

·       Strength-Based


·       Individuals

·       Groups


·       Elders (65+)

·       Adults

·       College students

·       Adolescents


·       Gay Allied

·       Lesbian Allied

·       Transgender Allied